A few more from CT’s Sherwood Island Park from the 3rd week of 10. 07. There hadn’t been any
frost to write home about, in consequence one could still observe a few Monarchs-come-lately.

<Image of Monarch Butterfly sharing Goldenrod nectar with a Bee. Photographed at the Sherwood Island Park by Wolf Peter Weber.>

As mentioned on the previous page, they often share a feeding spot with other insects like
this bee. A preference for goldenrods can be ascribed to both champion pollinator species.
I have never seen them in conflict over the pickings. Each goes about its business, almost
as if oblivious to the other’s existence... Butterflies are more wings than anything else.
Whatever tiny brain they may possess, it seems large enough for them to be able to figure
out where to go and, while on their way, where to stop, be it for a rest and/or to replenish.
Why they would land and remain for quite a stretch on a tree in fall foliage wasn’t quite clear
to the observer. Was it for camouflage..? Or do they find nutrients in the corroding leaves..?
Could be a case of both.
The next page will show a few more of our subjects from the last days of October 2007...


<5 more images of Monarch Butterflies feeding during the fall of 2007. Photographed at the Sherwood Island Park.>

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