Monarch butterfly life cycle, from tiny egg to first flight image story...
Page a;Tiny little monarch butterfly eggs glued, yes almost encrusted, in different areas and stages
of milkweed flowers, buds, leaves and stem. In reality, indeed no larger than the proverbial heads
of a pin, the eggs are deposited by crafty and selective females for the purpose of launching
another metamorphosis cycle...
<2 close-up photos by Wolf P. Weber of (on the left) 3 pinhead size monarch butterfly eggs glued to the buds of vivid red milkweed flowers, plus another photo, a close-up of a single egg>
<2 photos by Wolf P. Weber of tiny little monarch butterfly eggs glued, almost encrusted on a vivid color milkweed flower bud and on a green milkweed stem>

The instar 1 baby caterpillar below could be from the advanced egg # 3 on this page,
which clearly shows signs of emerging life towards the tip. Barely in existence, it is already munching away at a milkweed leaf. It will take some 20 of these for the tiny creature
to progress to the next stage of its mission in the grander scheme of metamorphosis.

<1 photo by Wolf P. Weber of a baby monarch butterfly (instar 1) caterpillar, feeding off a milkweed leaf.>
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