Page b; A fitting comparison between a caterpillar of approximately 30 mm medium size, more or less 5 milkweed leaves away before turning pupa, and a recent arrival of barely 10 mm’s.
Feasting on milkweed buds at their most tender phase seems a gourmet treat for these creatures,
large & small, gorgers by nature. The plant in question, by the way, blossoms yellow more often
than red, as shown at the bottom right with a maximum size specimen ready for its next phase.

"<Photo by Wolf P. Weber of 2 monarch butterfly caterpillars on a leave of milkweed, one tiny the other closer to transforming into a pupa.>"
<Photo by Wolf P. Weber of the center of a milkweed plant where some 5 monarch caterpillars are having a feast>
<Photo by Wolf P. Weber of the center of a red-flowered milkweed plant with 1 medium size monarch caterpillar feeding. A 2nd photo showing a large monarch caterpillar feeding off saturated yellow color milkweed flowers>
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